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Pixel circus a récemment été acquise par l’agence Web Activis. Notre équipe est heureuse de se joindre à la leur et nous continuerons d’offrir les mêmes services et plus encore. Visitez le site Internet d’Activis pour plus de détails.

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    Our specialty: creating websites… since 2001!

    A well-established agency in the greater Montreal area, we have been offering website and web application creation services for more than 15 years. Our core mission is to help our customers achieve their business goals and thrive on the Internet. To do so, we continually focus on results.

    Our combination of information technology (IT) and communications methods enables us to design exquisite websites and platforms that make use of efficient digital strategies to boost our customers’ growth. Our platforms are unique and custom-tailored to make sure you enjoy top positioning as well as a substantial return on investment.

    We put each customer’s ambitions above our own—in other words, we design for you, not for us. We believe that passion, the pursuit excellence, and the joy of collaboration are instrumental to the success of each project entrusted to us by our customers.

    Although we could list many reasons why you should choose Pixel Circus, we have picked the 10 very best. Here they are:

    10 Good Reasons to Choose Us

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    Our clients’ need are our first priority. In other words, we serve you first, not ourselves.

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