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    Website creation cannot be improvised. Since 2001, Pixel Circus has fine-tuned its website development approach and process so that each project is a success from start to finish.

    Our approach features six steps essential to the success of a web development project: need identification, strategy, planning, design, production and assessment.

    Essential steps for a successful web project


    Need identification

    To offer you appropriate solutions, we must understand and analyze your current situation and challenges. In short, we must get to know you. During an interview, we’ll ask you targeted questions to understand your situation. Based on your answers, we can determine the best action plan to achieve your goals.


    Web strategy

    After this interview, we’ll develop a web strategy to meet your previously identified needs to achieve concrete results.



    Planning is an essential step to ensure the project is implemented effectively. At this stage, we define details about deliverables and required resources. Among the work tools we’ll use are:

    • The development briefing
    • The timeline
    • The tree structure (site map)
    • The technical specifications
    • The content document
    • The workflow

    We work on developing and validating each of these documents with you to ensure the final product meets your expectations.



    At this stage, we move from idea to action. Things take shape with the creation of the first graphic models.

    The steps in the design process are:

    • Benchmarking
    • Wireframing (design of functional models)
    • Content writing
    • Producing visual content (photos, videos, illustrations, etc.)
    • Completing the graphic design of models
    • Developing a prototype


    We use the AGILE method to manage our IT development, which allows us to deliver stable and highly efficient web solutions quickly. We value clients’ input during development as they have in-depth knowledge of their field of business. Next, our team proposes web solutions to solve problems. We’re constantly working to achieve the objectives we defined upstream.


    Advisory services

    Once the project is complete, we provide you with all the support you need to keep your platform running smoothly, for as long as you want.

    We also provide no-obligation advice to help you further promote your business and get the most out of your digital communication tools.

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