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Recognition in the forefront

Altrum, a company in the recognition sector, creates objects to highlight important events. Whether to mark an important financial transaction or merger, Altrum manufactures tombstones that memorialize these events through a unique and original creation.

A digital catalogue to stimulate creativity

To inspire Altrum’s customers, we developed a catalogue enabling them to search for tombstones based on certain criteria. For example, users can search by material, industry or style. Much like a shopping cart, the catalogue allows for the creation of a favourites list that users can then share with anyone they want. At the same time, a message is sent to Altrum informing them of the interest of a potential customer.

A graphic identity that showcases the company

Concurrent with a website redesign, Altrum asked us to update its brand image. In partnership with communication agency Macadam Marketing, we developed a new identity with three variations for the company’s different products and services. Traditional communication tools were also developed (brochure, stationery, etc.). The new brand image gave Altrum a clear and distinctive positioning, helping it stand out from its competitors.

It was a real pleasure working with Pixel Circus. The team’s creativity and ability to find solutions have ensured the success of all our projects.

- Catherine Bolduc, Marketing Coordinator, Altrum Honors
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