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A wealth of information for patients and caregivers

Myeloma Canada is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide information to people living with multiple myeloma. The web platform, developed by Pixel Circus, also aims to provide caregivers and those wishing to support the cause with the tools they need.



Tools to support communities across Canada

One of the objectives of the website redesign was to bring together the various support groups throughout Canada. To do this, we built a module in the site’s management system that enables the creation of small sites. Thus, each group can have its own web platform equipped with the tools needed to publish events, news and as many content pages as it wants. This addition creates a common hub, increasing Myeloma Canada’s legitimacy among support groups.

Print documents intended for patients and the community

Our role also includes management of photo shoots. For one such project, the client chose Shoot Studio to take portraits of its team members. Choosing the right partner is crucial for delivering top-quality results.

Our entire community was charmed by the new site, which demonstrates our deep commitment and leadership in the field.

- Olivier Jérôme, Director of Operations, Myeloma Canada
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