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Search engine optimization services

Position yourself to outclass your competitors with our SEO experts!

SEO allows you to leverage search traffic for keywords related to the audience you want to attract. SEO-generated traffic is free. That’s why we encourage our clients to use an SEO strategy tailored to their needs. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits!

Pixel Circus offers customized SEO strategies to its clients. The goals and contexts of various industries differ, which means our work must adapt to each client’s reality.

Don’t waste any more time. Start attracting the right audience for your business today.

Our three-step SEO process

Step 1: Keyword strategy

To begin with, the keyword strategy we develop identifies the top search trends in your industry. These trends are used to enhance your site’s architecture and content. Next, we define the precise terms used to optimize the content featured on your most important web pages.

This step includes:

  • Analysis of current traffic
  • Keyword brainstorming
  • Keyword analysis and identification of search trends
  • Identification of the website’s entry pages
  • Definition of main and secondary keywords
  • Creation of an initial positioning report

Deliverables: Search trend report, keyword selection and position report.

Step 2: Site and content optimization

Technical optimization makes the site permeable to search engines while content optimization maximizes the use of the keywords found in Step 1. These optimization processes are intimately linked and lead to a huge gain in relevance.

This step includes:

  • Analysis and recommendation techniques
  • URL recommendations, 301 redirects, creating a 404 page and so forth
  • Annotation of graphic mockups, images, internal links and so forth
  • Writing HTML tags (Title, H1 and meta description)

Deliverable: Technical SEO report.

Step 3: Inbound links

Acquiring inbound links helps increase your site’s search engine popularity for specific keywords.

This step includes:

  • Analysis of inbound links
  • Analysis of the site’s internal links
  • Prioritization of approaches for creating inbound links
  • Analysis of partners
  • Internal link recommendations
  • Inbound link strategy

Deliverable: Inbound links report.

After applying these three basic steps which provide added value to your site’s SEO, we can extend our mandate even further by designing a content marketing plan, applying the inbound link strategy and developing initiatives to optimize your SEO even more.


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