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    Website design

    Pixel Circus will help you design much more than a basic website. Our team will develop an efficient sales tool with measurable actions. You can count on a sophisticated and carefully crafted design that will help you stand out and not only reflect your business, but generate concrete results.

    How we work

    At Pixel Circus, we have set up a creation process that guarantees us optimal results. Our customers actively participate in the creation process, so that we can be sure that the final product is always on-target with their expectations. Here are the 5 steps of the website design process.


    Trend searching

    This step consists of Internet research (by both the customer and our team) to find existing websites that connect with what we want to create. The goal is to clarify our vision of the website, in terms of aesthetics, features or content. Once a list of desired elements has been drawn up, we meet with the customer, look at the websites together and discuss different proposals. The overarching purpose is to get to know the customer’s tastes in order to find the right artistic directions before even beginning the design process.


    Wireframe creation

    This step consists in designing the website’s structure but without getting into details. We start by identifying the templates that will make up the website. For each template, we complete a partial layout. We then present the resulting wireframes to the customer for approval. These wireframes serve as a basis to discuss the website’s structure and navigation, as opposed to aesthetic details. This way, if changes are required, they can be made much faster than if the customer were immediately presented with a final design.


    Prototype creation

    Using the approved wireframes, we create a prototype that gives a sense of the user experience and navigation, and helps make sure the website functions smoothly. The prototype is primarily used to test mobile applications or applications with unique processes that require us to validate the quality and performance of the user experience.


    Web design

    The web design stage is where we finally design the website. We create the template design while respecting the customer’s graphic identity (logo, corporate colours, graphic charter and typography) and based on the wireframes and trend searches. We then present the customer with mockups of the templates, note down feedback, and make any requested corrections.


    Stylesheet creation

    Once the design is approved, we create a stylesheet containing all the website’s elements. The stylesheet serves as a sort of toolbox for the web integrators who will transform the web design into an HTML and CSS page. This step completes the design stage.

    If you need help designing an effective website, Pixel Circus is here for you. Take advantage of our proven creation process and achieve concrete results! Request a quote now—you will receive it in less than 24 hours. It’s free!


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