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    Drupal development

    At Pixel Circus, we design custom web applications to meet the needs of our most demanding clients. As experts in Drupal for the development of custom applications, we use this content management system  because it provides us with all the flexibility we need in a robust and secure environment

    Our Drupal developers are highly qualified and will help you achieve your goals quickly and accordingly to the best standards.

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    Why Drupal

    Open source

    First, this content management system offers an open source development framework, i.e. free of copyrights. Since it belongs to everyone, anyone can use it as they please without having to pay a licensing fee. Isn’t that great! No more expensive licenses and, most importantly, the freedom to modify the existing code to meet your needs!

    Drupal saves a lot of time since a large developer community contributes to its evolution. Many shared code libraries exist and are constantly updated with new scripts that are free to use. This leads to huge time savings and gains in productivity! Read the following article to learn more about open source management systems.


    Second, Drupal is a good choice because it’s a flexible content management system. Its modular design means it can meet countless needs. It can be used to design a web portal for several million visitors per day or a corporate intranet with unique features. In short, Drupal is not only suitable to develop a simple showcase website. It’s the preferred choice for complex or specialized sites or to create custom web applications.


    Drupal is also the most secure open source content management system. Not only does it meet Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards, the organization responsible for its development has set up a security team whose job is to analyze and ensure that no security breaches access the core of Drupal’s code through a contributor module.


    Finally, because your project requires a robust development framework. Drupal is recommended for large and complex projects set to evolve over time. While WordPress CMS is recommended for small- to medium-sized sites, Drupal is appropriate for large-scale projects. A long list  of organizations and companies use Drupal as a content management system, including UNESCO, the World Economic Forum, Oxfam International, Harvard University, NBC and Fox News.

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