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    WordPress website development

    Pixel Circus is a specialist in WordPress website creation and has been using it in its projects for many years. WordPress is the ultimate content management tool for many types of websites and web applications.

    Wondering what makes WordPress a good choice for your Web project? Let us show you why it is a winning choice!

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    Why WordPress

    First of all, WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world. About 80% of sites on the web are WordPress sites! Because WordPress is open source, many developers contribute to its development. Thanks to this developer community, WordPress has become one of the most advanced management systems in terms of functionality.

    Création de site WordPress

    Apart from the large community behind its development, WordPress doesn’t charge license fees for its use. It’s easy to implement, and you’ll find many integrators and programmers skilled in configuring and maintaining it.

    Moreover, many modules are developed by the community and made available online free of charge, which saves a lot of development time

    The advantages of WordPress

    WordPress has many advantages, the important ones being:

    • A proven management system
    • A large developer community
    • Many free modules
    • Easy to oversee
    • Less expensive to maintain than an in-house CMS
    • No user license required
    • Relatively simple to use for the client
    • Frequent system updates

    In short, WordPress is ideal for showcasing websites and is recommendable even for complex websites. For all these reasons, WordPress is the ideal management system for most web projects.

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