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    Web marketing: an arsenal of tools for your success

    To avoid triggering the wrong levers and wasting a great deal of time and money, you must develop a well-defined web marketing plan to achieve your business goals. This is where we come in! We can help you plan, design and deploy targeted marketing strategies to accelerate your growth.

    A plan that’s synonymous with growth

    Whether you want to increase sales in a market segment, increase brand awareness for a target audience or simply boost your online visibility, let us develop a powerful web marketing plan that will help you achieve your goals faster.

    The advantages of having a sound web marketing plan

    • Triggers deeper thinking
    • Defines actions over time
    • Increases the chances of project success
    • Accelerates the achievement of results

    By outsourcing the development of your web marketing plan to our qualified team, you’ll achieve tangible results in a short time. We’ll deliver the plan in the form of a detailed report of about ten pages with the following sections:


    Situation Analysis :

    This step will allow us to understand the external and internal environments in which your company operates, as well as your industry, products and services, customers and competitors.


    Targeted business goals:

    Clarifying your business goals will allow us to develop the best initiatives to achieve them. We’ll also ensure your targets are SMART, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Ambitious[LD1] , Realistic and Timely.


    Web strategy and its various tactics:

    Our team will analyze all the data collected to offer you an effective strategy with various infallible tactics.


    Budget and timeline:

    We’ll propose a budget to execute the various projects within the web marketing plan based on the objectives.

    Once the plan is delivered, Pixel Circus can also help you manage the implementation of the various tactics proposed and measure their performance on a regular basis. Learn more about our services!

    Web marketing services

    If you already have a marketing plan but need a helping hand to determine your web strategies, our experienced team can provide the support you need. Our range of web marketing services includes:

    • Adwords and PPC campaign management
    • Web banner design and distribution
    • SEO (web referencing)
    • Contest and quiz creation
    • Newsletter design and distribution
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